Unusual costumes of the great maestro

Unusual costumes of the great maestro

In this article, we decided to introduce you to very curious facts from the lives of two of the greatest composers - R. Wagner and G. Berlioz. It would seem, what can be common between these completely different composers in origin, style, aesthetic views and creativity? It turns out that there is something in common, and what kind of it! Both composers once tried on a lady's dress!

What prompted the men to this difficult step? Yes, and in the XIX century, when dressing up the representatives of the stronger sex in women's costumes was permissible only on the stage? Is life a theater? For whom, how, and for our musicians, these are cases on the verge of life and death.

As you know, Wagner was distinguished by pathological extravagance: he absolutely did not know how to manage money. That is why most of his life the composer was hungry and ran to different cities and countries from creditors. And he never paid debts - just a large amount fell into his pocket, he completely forgot about debt obligations. Why, he even had to sit in a debt prison! The composer's biographers suggest: in order to be unrecognized by creditors and to leave the city unhindered, Wagner dressed in ladies' outfit. It is a dubious fact, but in favor of this version they say the latest research of the composer’s life, presented by their authors in The Wagner Journal. They claim that Wagner not only tried on ladies' dresses, but also repeatedly appeared in front of his contemporaries.

But Hector Berlioz on this act prompted unrequited love. While in Paris, the composer fell in love with the beautiful and talented pianist Camilla Mock. But barely turned, Berlioz left her - he had to go to study in Rome. After a couple of months, he receives a sad news: Camilla not only started a new novel, but also married composer I. Pleyel. And not just a composer, but also the owner of a piano factory - and this is a much more “profitable” option for her! In a fit of jealousy, Berlioz goes to Rome to kill the traitor, her mother, her new spouse, and then herself! And in order not to be recognized, Berlioz decides ... to change into a maid! He tried on a suit, took a pistol, poison - in case of a misfire, and went to avenge. However, on the way, the maid's suit was lost, and he had to return to Rome again for a new dress. But while the composer reached the house, Camilla’s betrayal did not seem so tragic to him. And soon he completely forgot about it.

Well, you see, composers are amazing and extraordinary personalities! Going on the occasion of their spiritual impulses, they commit inexplicable, and, at times, shocking actions. Well, since we are talking about clothes, another curious fact: once Julia Gvichchardi, Beethoven's beloved, noticed that his bow was incorrectly tied. The caring student tied him up properly, and then kissed the composer on the forehead. After that, Beethoven did not take off the bow and costume for several weeks. Here they are, these creators of musical art!

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