What are the chords

So, in the center of our attention - musical chords. What are the chords? What are the main types of chords? These and other issues we have to discuss today. Accord is a harmonious consonance in the simultaneity of three or four or more sounds. I hope you get the point - there should be at least three sounds in a chord, because if, for example, two, then this is not a chord, but an interval.

Chord structure: what are chords made of, and why are they so called?

So, the structure of chords is a topic that we will develop today. And, first of all, let's turn to the definition of a chord, clarify what it represents. Accord is a consonance, a sound complex. In a chord, at the same time or one after the other, at least three sounds should be performed in turn, because the harmonies in which only two sounds are called differently are intervals.

Luis Fonsi: interesting facts, best songs, biography, listen

Luis Fonsi Luis Fonsi is best known for his single "Despacito". In addition, the singer perfectly combines the role of not only the performer, but also the composer, as well as the actor. He became a bright star in the world of show business. Let's see how this Puerto Rican became famous! Brief Biography The boy was born on April 15, 1978 in the town of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Jazz quintet "Edelweiss"

Angelika Markova (vocal) - Winner of the international jazz competition, participant of jazz festivals (Arkhangelsk, Samara, etc.), graduate of the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesinyh. Lecturer of the RATI-GITIS (Estrada faculty, courses Garkalina V., Schukina A., Borisova M., Shanina E., Vasilyeva Y.) Permanent soloist of the group "Edelweiss".