Simple chords for piano

Today we talk about how to play chords on the piano, and how to turn guitar chords into chords for the piano. However, you can play all the same chords on a synthesizer and in general on any other instrument.

You, most likely, more than once saw the lyrics with guitar tablature - mesh, which shows which strings on which fret to clamp to play a particular chord. The literal designations of these chords sometimes stand close by - for example, Am or Em, etc. It is important to understand that these designations are universal, and guitar chords can be used as piano chords.

If you play keyboards, you will often use a different recording format: not just text plus chords, but in addition to this, also a note line with the recording of a melody. Compare two formats: the second one looks more professional, because it reflects the musical essence of the song more precisely:

That is, you will play or sing a melody and attach chords to it, accompanying yourself in this way. We will consider only the simplest chords for the piano, but they will be enough to play a beautiful accompaniment to any song. These are only 4 types of chords - two types of triad (major and minor) and two types of seventh chords (small major and small minor).

Chord designation for piano

I remind you that the chords for the guitar, as well as the chords for the piano are designated by alphanumeric method. I remind you that seven notes are indicated by the following letters of the Latin alphabet: c (do) d (pe) e (mi) f (ph) g (salt) a (la) b (c). If you want details - there is a separate article "Letter designation of notes."

To designate chords, capitalized letters of these letters are used, plus numbers and additional endings. So, for example, a major triad is simply denoted by a large letter, a minor letter is also a big letter + a small "m"; the number 7 is added to a triad for a seventh chord. Sharps and flatons are indicated by the same signs as in the notes. Here are some examples of symbols:

Piano Chord Chart - Transcript

Now I offer you the musical decoding of chords for the piano - I will write everything in a treble clef. If you play the melody of the song with one hand, then with the help of this hint you can adjust the accompaniment - of course, you will need to play the chords an octave lower.

That's all. Now you know how to play the chords on the piano and how to play the letters on the synthesizer or any other instrument. Do not forget to leave comments and click on the "Like" buttons! See you again!

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