What were great composers interested in?

What are your hobbies? great composers

What do you like to do in your free time? Scrapbooking, quilling, hunting, knitting? This list is almost endless. Almost all of us have some kind of hobby, a favorite activity for the soul, which helps to distract from problems and urgent matters, completely immersed in it. Great composers were no exception and they also had their own small hobbies, which they enjoyed working along with music. Especially for you, we have collected unusual and interesting hobbies of celebrities, it will help to look at the great maestros from the other side and discover them in a new way.

Sergei Prokofiev became famous not only as a composer who wrote the opera "War and Peace", but also as a chess player. The love for chess manifested itself at a young age and he did not leave his beloved hobby throughout his life. S. Prokofiev received the first category and among his rivals, whom he repeatedly placed in a difficult situation was world champion Mikhail Botvinnik.

Ludwig van Beethoven, a man of extraordinarily bright nature. He possessed at the same time a kind and extremely quick-tempered disposition and was principled in some matters. For example, coffee - he always drank a cup of this aromatic drink brewed exactly from 60 grains and nothing else. If you looked into his apartment, you were struck by the chaos that occurred there. Among the things a huge grand piano, an undoubted attribute of a musician, and spare parts from other instruments, covers, strings, were noticeably striking. The fact is that it was Beethoven's small hobby - to collect pianos, their spare parts, and what? Not bad, as long as there is enough space for everyone!

Johannes Brahms remembered a very unusual hobby - he liked to distribute sweets to children on the streets. Sometimes he arranged the whole competition, raised his hand and the sweet treat got to the one who jumps higher. Another Brahms passion is coffee. He did not just love him, but he knew a lot and knew how to boil an unusually tasty drink in his coffee maker. On this occasion, there was even a case in a restaurant when they brought him a cup of coffee, which was diluted with chicory. The composer immediately summoned the owner of the restaurant and demanded to bring him all the existing chicory, stuffed it in his pocket and asked him to make a real coffee, without any impurities.

Another great composer who became famous in the field of cooking - Gioacchino Rossini. Being at the top of his popularity, he suddenly throws music and goes to Paris, where he begins to engage in his favorite thing - cooking. By the way, a talented person is talented in everything, his turkey stuffed with truffles, a tournedo a la Rossini, the recipe of which he had polished for several years, brought him considerable popularity. By the way, he created his opera "The Barber of Seville" in 2 weeks.

Giacomo Puccini was an avid motorist. He bought his first car back in 1900. In his free time from playing music, he loved to drive on the track. This hobby has played a cruel joke with him. Once, returning home with his family, the composer, as always, exceeded the speed and did not notice a break. Fortunately, falling from a height of 5 meters, no one was hurt.

Another famous motorist among great composers is Sergey Sergeevich Rachmaninov. By the way, he had a lot of hobbies: skating, farming, riding, fishing, swimming. Can you imagine that this world-famous composer bred pigs? But his real passion was the car. Even before World War I, he bought his first Lora car. Sergey Sergeevich often arranged races on it, made long walks, and on any tours and performances necessarily took "Laura" with him. If a scratch appeared on your favorite car, then Rachmaninov suffered greatly, and if there was a downpour on the day of his performance, the concert could be canceled so as not to damage the paint.

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