La Campanella. Musical performances. Old songs.

What is old music like? What first comes to mind at the mention of it? Perhaps, the smooth and graceful movements of the dancers in elegant camisoles and powdered wigs? And perhaps the Gregorian chant, imbued with the spirit of severe asceticism? Or unpretentious old songs to the accompaniment of viola da gamba and lute? Each of us has our own associations with this music, the theme is immense ...

Old Music Ensemble La campanella acquaint you with the most interesting and vivid examples of the musical art of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Baroque. The team is the winner of many prestigious international competitions and festivals. Each member of the group is a unique performer who is fluent in vocal skill, the art of dance and playing several musical instruments. Each La Campanella concert is a real one. musical performance with original costumes, authentic musical instruments and an exciting storyline.

Watch the video: Liszt - La Campanella 100,000 special (October 2019).

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