Halsey (Halsey): biography, best songs, interesting facts.

Halsey (Halsey)

Halsey is a bright and extraordinary singer and songwriter. The actress writes and sings about what worries her: loneliness, love, boredom, racial prejudice, body positive, the relationship between a man and a woman - everything that they prefer to keep silent and shamefully hide. For this, they call her the voice of a generation, but she herself, having heard this phrase from the mouth of the interlocutor, will burst into a long speech, where unformatted words will prevail. The girl is sincere to the limit: tired of discussing her appearance, she shaved her head, filming the process on the camera of a smartphone and putting it on the net. A match is tattooed on her arm - the flame above her will flare up when Halsey fully reveals her potential. We have all the chances to see it, but for now let us remember how she became the author of a platinum album as a user who spread covers of popular songs on YouTube.

short biography

Mixing races sometimes gives a bizarre result and the best example of this is Ashley Nicolette Frangipani - that is what the future electro-pop star with elements of indie music got. Chris, her father is African-American with a small part of Irish blood, and mother Nicole has Italian and Hungarian roots. Ash is not the only child in the family: she has younger brothers Dante and Sevian. The family often moved and changed apartments - parents left college when they learned that they would have a child. They worked several jobs at once to provide for the children. Now Nicole is in the hospital security service, and Chris is the auto dealership manager.

The girl soon became interested in music and mastered viola, cello and fiddlebut at the age of 14 finally switched to a guitar. Her parents' different musical tastes were her inspiration and showed the world from different sides. The dark-skinned father listened to Notorious B.I.G. and Slick Rick, Tupac, Biggie, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and mother preferred The Cure, Alanis Morisette, Nirvana, The Cure, Gin Blossoms.

At 17, Ashley swallowed over-the-counter painkillers. She immediately told the parents about it, and they assigned her to a psychiatric clinic. There, Ash was diagnosed for 17 days, and she was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, which explained all the oddities of behavior that had plagued the girl before: periods of activity were replaced by prolonged depression. As a teenager, Halsey was forced to take lithium: it had a great influence on her, and for a long time she did not use any medicine, because "Lith destroyed my life."

After school, Frangipani entered the Rhode Island School of Design, but due to lack of money she was forced to drop out. In that period of her life, a student fell in love with a bad guy whose behavior and lifestyle did not attract the approval of her parents. They had to deprive the girl of material support and drive her out of the house. Then Halsey recalled that this misunderstanding between them was depressing - she really needed moral support. Ashley was forced to give mini-concerts on the streets, and this was the only salary at that time. Her phone was turned off, and there was no medical insurance, and the social circle was made up of “degenerate masons” - this is how she called her boyfriend's friends, who are also frivolous, like him, life-seekers.

Ashley recalls that the last 9 dollars was bought by 4 cans of Red Bull power engineering - this helped her stay awake for several days. Then she did not have where to spend the night, and it was dangerous to stay on the street at night: that area of ​​the city was not the most prosperous. Often, the future singer went to dubious parties to spend the night warm. To lead such a lifestyle became impossible, and she was able to reconcile with her grandmother and live with her. Once upon a time it was this one she instilled in her a love for music, having taught her to play the piano "Memory" at the age of 4. Ashley remembered that musical notes were stored in the house of an old Italian from New Jersey. ”Cats".

At one of the nightly parties, the girl met a young producer who needed to record an advertisement. At the same poorly equipped studio, she recorded her first song "Ghost" and uploaded it to SoundCloud. The next morning, Halsey was surprised to look at 5 applications from record labels. She chose the Astralwerks, which gave the young performer more freedom than others.

First album "Room 93" contained only 5 songs and went unnoticed, reaching the 159th position on the US Billboard 200. Second, "Badlands", was released in 2015 and for the week was sold 97,000 copies. He reached the 2nd position in the chart. Halsey won the Billboard Women in Music Rising Star award in 2016: it is awarded to women who have made significant contributions to music and inspired others. The third album, who headed Billboard 200, was recorded by Halsey in 2017.

Interesting Facts

  • On the body of Halsey, more than 17 tattoos, 8 of which were made on the same day with her friends, and completely copy the drawings on their bodies. She jokes that this is the greatest evidence that she is not able to do anything alone.
  • The first success came to Ashley in 2012, when she published a video for her song on her Tumblr and YouTube account. Taylor Swift "I Knew You Were Trouble" called "The Haylor Song".
  • Halsey works with the cosmetics company MAC: in the Future Forward line there is a lipstick that bears her name.
  • Halsey loves Nesquik cocoa and peanut butter.
  • One of her nicknames is Ashley Panini.
  • She never liked being Ashley Frangipani - this man was sad, weak and stupid. Halsey is an anagram of her name and a street in Brooklyn, where she spent a lot of time and wrote her first poems.
  • She often changes her hair and hair color: from natural to pink, green, dark, blond, red, chestnut.
  • Ashley participated in the casting of the X-Factor show in 2012
  • The journalists imposed a tri-bi definition on her, but Halsey herself doesn’t like this term and deny it in every way possible.
  • Halsey positions herself as a feminist.
  • In the 2016 elections, she supported candidate Bernie Sanders, a well-known advocate for the interests of the working and middle class.

  • Before the concert Vevo LIFT Ashley miscarried. She spoke on it, drowning out bodily and spiritual pain by Perkoket. The girl blamed herself for what had happened - high physical and emotional stress affected the tragedy. After the incident, she seriously thought about motherhood.
  • She is inspired by paintings by Quentin Tarantino and Larry Clark, and from musicians Amy Winehouse, Kani West, Brand New and Bright Eyes.
  • Halsey's song "Not Afraid Anymore" sounded in the film "50 shades darker," and "Castle" - in "Snow White and the Hunter-2."
  • Ashley prefers to hide from all their relationships. It was rumored that she met with Ashton Irwin, Justin Bieber, Ruby Rose, Josh Dan and Jared Leto. She linked a long affair with the performer Lido and the rapper G-Eazy.
  • Halsey takes part in charity events: raises money for the Donna Louise Children's Hospital and participates in the program I'm Listening, created for those who need to speak out.

Halsey's Top Songs

Many Halsey songs are autobiographical. These include "Colors", a song about the frontman of the band The 1975 Matty Hilly. There was a lot of controversy about the degree of closeness of relations between them, but after the release of the composition the doubts disappeared: for a while they were a couple.

The idea of ​​the song - each person has a certain color, and when people meet, there is a mixture of colors. In “Colors”, Ashley represents blue, and Mattie represents red. The changes that occurred under the direct influence of Hilly did not suit him, so they broke up - this is a paraphrasing account of the reasons that destroyed the love relationship in a couple. But Halsey also managed to “infect” him with her blue color of calm and concentration.

The singer herself believes that this is her best song. In the video, filmed on it, the actor Tyler Posy took part: the plot is based on a love story, but on this the parallels with the text end.

"Colors" (listen)

Significant compositions are tracks from 1 album. "Hurricane" and "Ghost". In the center of the plot: a company of teenagers. The first love, from which grow wings, jealousy and permissiveness, memories and mistakes. The history of the relationship of the couple is detailed in the video for the song "Ghost", and the place of the action was the room of Motel No. 93.

"Ghost" (listen)

"Bad at Love" - the second single from the album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, which is ranked 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Halsey describes this track in the following words: the melody should sound like Leo DiCaprio in a Hawaiian shirt on a yellow convertible heading to Miami.

"Bad at Love" (listen)

"Without Me". The song was presented on October 4, 2018, and on November 4, Holsey sang it for the first time at the MTV Europe Music Awards concert, and in January the composition took the first place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

"Without Me" (listen)

Features of creativity

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Halsey described how her albums, Room 93 and Badlands, were born. The actress came up with an alternative universe for each and completely immersed in it. Hotel room, where you can feel your own isolation from the rest, which are very close. Remoteness and voyeurism - the sterile environment of the hotel room. A person is revealed in communication and some extreme situations, and there is no one in the hotel to challenge: this is why the album turned out to be so personal: the singer most of all is afraid of loneliness.

The name Badlands came to the singer in a dream and determined the content of the entire disc. Badlands are not only a national park in South Dakota, but also a brief sketch from modern society, where commercial interests are increasingly coming to the fore, not relations between people. The desert between the proletariat and the elite is the scorched earth. When creating this world, Halsey wanted to imagine what the people who are there live: what they think about, what kind of music they listen to, what they prefer to watch on TV and what to advertise. One thing remained unchanged - the money that was spent on maintaining the existing system. It became a metaphor of her condition at that moment and a way to escape from reality. There is always hope, even when despair completely seizes the body and mind - you can not give up.

Badlands is anti-pop. During the recording Halsey had to learn a lot of technical details so that the music turned out to correspond to her idea. The singer compared the record with the childbearing and experienced a feeling after it ended, similar to postpartum depression. This child was welcome, but took a lot of energy - the girl felt exhausted and lonely. The great goal is over, and finding a new one was not so easy. Especially awful was the expectation of its release - as much as 3 months of hope that your creation will be appreciated.

Halsey, by her own admission, is a perfectionist. Until she considers that the final result is excellent, she will refine the smallest details - this applies not only to her career, but also to her ordinary life. She herself writes music and lyrics, comes up with cover designs and costumes, creates a stage image - everything for her show to be the best.

Watch the video: Halsey - Bad At Love Official Music Video (October 2019).

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