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Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello)

Camila won the hearts of her fans not only with her beautiful voice and gorgeous appearance, but also with her success story. For many, it has become the embodiment of such concepts as "American Dream" and "self-made person". On this page we will tell you what path she went through before you stand on a par with Beyonce, Britney Spears. Has she been able to remain as positive and motivating, despite all the dirt of popularity.

short biography

In her interviews, Camila Cabello speaks very positively about her childhood. This is surprising, because what can be good in childhood, spent in the commercial fishing village of Kohimar, near Havana. However, since birth, March 3, 1997, she was able to meet with one of the greatest writers in the world. The village of Kokhimar would be no different from the others if it were not for the fact that Ernest Hemingway lived and worked here. Therefore, young Camila from the earliest years learned to read, and became a fan of his work. And although she rarely managed to sit in the writer's favorite cafe, she always carried his books with her. They were the ones who saved the girl from boredom in constant travels from Cuba to Mexico and back. The reason for traveling was utterly simple - money. Her mother was from Cuba, and her father was from Mexico, so they had to constantly look for work in these countries.

Parents went on trips to work until Camille was 6 years old. It was at this age that she and her mother emigrated to the United States. This period of his life Camila Cabello calls the most difficult. My father had to work around the clock to constantly send money to his family, and he could only come to them after a year and a half. In addition, Camila did not know English at all, therefore, communication with her peers was replaced by TV shows, which would play a significant role in her career. With their help, she was able to learn the language, after which the girl was sent to Miami Palmetto High School.

Already at school, everyone noticed her delightful voice, especially when she sang. And her Cuban-Mexican accent added charm and personality. And although Camila was a very shy girl and was afraid to speak to the public, the requests from classmates to sing at school performances helped overcome their fears.

In the 7th grade, Camila Cabello begins to practice vocal, which completely captures her for the next few years. And in grade 9, she decides to leave school and devote all her time to rehearsals and music.

After moving to the United States, the girl watched TV for days on end, especially musical programs and talent shows. Many years passed, and the adaptation of the British project X-Factor appeared in America. This project made it possible for absolutely anyone who wanted to go on stage, hit the judges with his voice, and earn money and a contract with a recording studio. Camila decided that this was her chance, but she missed the first season of the show. As she later admitted in an interview, “I got sick 2 days before the start of the casting. It was not a very serious disease, but doctors prescribed a hard bed rest. My mother and I discussed it and decided that health is more important, and that I will still have a chance to show myself next season. ”

But the second season for the girl started badly. Her performance could not be broadcast due to copyright, so she was refused at first. But then, when all the problems were eliminated, they invited me back to the show. Such as it turned out to be several, and the jury decided to unite them into one group, which would soon be called "Fifth Harmony" ("The Fifth Harmony"). They entered the top three of the show, and signed a contract with Syco Music and Evil Records. The group has released several albums, and they hit the top ten in the charts of Britain, USA, Canada.

On December 18, 2016, the group announced the departure of Camila Cabello. This was served by too strong individuality of the latter, which hinders joint performances. Journalists of well-known publications noted that this was an unexpected, but correct decision that would allow Camille to reach new heights.

Speaking about the solo career of the singer, then the beginning can be considered a duet with Sean Mendes. Their single "I Know What You Did Last Summer" took 20th place in the US charts, 18 in Canada. He was also certified by the platinum edition of the RIAA.

On January 12, 2018, the girl released the eponymous debut album "Camila". Worked on it: Benn Blanco (co-author and co-producer), Ryan Tedder (composer) and Farrell Williams (co-producer). At the time of release, the album reached the first place on downloads in 98 countries of the world, setting a iTunes record. At the moment, the album ranks first in downloads in 115 countries.

Interesting Facts

  • Camila just loves bananas. Before each performance and between exits on the stage, she necessarily eats a few;
  • Initially, her album was supposed to be called "The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.", But then she gave up that title, referring to the unwillingness to open your heart to the world;
  • She read all the Harry Potter books. In her twitter, the girl wrote that she was very upset that she would not be able to go to the new film Rowling, but meeting with the fans is more important for her;

  • Camila Cabello takes charity very seriously. In 2016, she collaborated with the Save the Children font, and in 2017, together with other Latin American artists, she recorded the song “Almost Like Praying” in which they draw public attention to the need to help the injured Puerto Ricans from Hurricane Maria;
  • Her mother forced the girl to play tennis, but after several trainings, Kamila flatly refused it;
  • "Harmonizers" is the name for fans of the Fifth Harmony group and all its members;
  • Camila always responds to her fans, trying to motivate them;
  • She had no friends for quite a long time. As she later confessed, if it were not for reading and TV shows, her childhood would be “... disgusting”;
  • For her, the Harmonizers (the name of the Fifth Harmony fanbase) is more than just fans;
  • At home she prefers to eat only sweet donuts.

Camila Cabello best songs

Despite her age and only one album, the girl released a lot of songs that sat down in the hearts of her fans. From the most famous can be identified:

"Crying in the club"Initially, it was the main single on Camila's first studio album, but then he was expelled. The song in the Dance-Pop genre with elements of Tropical and Club hit the top ten on several Billboard charts at the time of release. In this single, Camila finds emotional redemption, bringing to the listener their experiences.

"Crying In The Club" (listen)

"In the dark"The girl wrote this song after the Grammy when she met a boyfriend unknown to her at the party. He was so shy to approach the actress that it inspired Kamila. Easy Dance-Pop tune, serious words, memorable chorus - there is nothing superfluous in the single.

"In The Dark" (listen)

"Havana". The lead single of her debut album. This is a song about falling in love with a" bad boy from Havana ", which is also one for her hometown. After listening, you understand why Camila says" Half of my heart is Cuba. "

"Havana" (listen)


Camila's first serious relationship was with Austin Harris. About them, she said - "It was my first kiss and my first love." But at the time of the relationship, the girl became part of the Fifth Harmony group, and quickly gained popularity among fans. She wanted to officially announce that they were a couple with Austin, but he was against it, wanting to keep everything secret. Camila could not keep everything to herself, and told the public about their relationship. Austin blamed her for using him to sell albums, after which they broke up. Initially, they ignored each other, but in mid-2017 they resumed communication. Camila and Austin, in their interviews, stated that there is no romantic relationship between them, and now they are all bound by friendship.

Camila's next guys was Michael Clifford. And this relationship is still covered with a veil of secrecy. In fact, it became known about them only due to the hacking of their accounts in instant messengers. Therefore, we can only presumably make a chronology.

year 2014

  • Michael and Camila express mutual sympathy and respect on Twitter;
  • The Fifth Harmony, where Camila was at that time, and Michael is invited to the concert "One Direction";
  • They begin to meet in secret.


  • They go to the UK for a joint holiday;
  • The following week they are noticed in London, in several expensive restaurants;
  • They break up.

It is still not known what caused their parting. Camila and Michael refuse to comment on this situation, so fans can only dream and build theories.

Camila is currently dating Matthew Hussey, author of the acclaimed New York Times book. They were spotted on a beach in Mexico, where they were together. Unknown managed to take some pictures in which they kiss and show sympathy for each other. This caused a slight hype in the press, because Mike officially has a girlfriend. However, Michael himself did not give any comments, but did not deny the fact that they were jointly relaxing on the beach. Camila also refused to educate the press about their relationship with Michael, and also asked fans to treat the situation with understanding.

Camila Cabello went from a little girl from a poor village who did not know English to the most influential teenager of 2016. Her beautiful success story has become a mainstay for those fans of her work who are afraid to take risks and try something new.

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